Russian warship’s ‘unacceptable provocation’ in NATO waters

A Russian warship has violated NATO waters twice in recent days, prompting a blunt admonition from the rest of the world.

A Russian warship has violated NATO waters twice in “unacceptable provocation”.

Denmark’s military says a Russian corvette entered its territorial waters in the early hours of Friday near the island of Christiansoe in the Baltic Sea.

The Defense Command of the Danish armed forces says the warship left after it was contacted on marine two-way radio by the Danish navy, reports The Sun.

Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said the Russian ambassador has been summoned to protest the incident.

“It has been communicated in very clear terms to the Russian ambassador that this type of action is completely inadmissible,” Mr Kofod said in a statement.

“We will not accept this type of Russian provocations.”

He later wrote in a Twitter post: “It is an extremely irresponsible, rude, and completely unacceptable Russian provocation.

“These bullying tactics do not work in Denmark.”

He concluded with the hashtag #WeAreNATO.

Both Sweden and Denmark have reported airspace violations by Russian aircraft following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has warned the West he will use nuclear weapons if he feels threatened.

During his speech at the St Petersburg Economic Forum, the Russian leader said that while he is not threatening the world with nukes, he is ready to use them to protect his country.

The Russian President, who looked sweaty and bloated during his lengthy speech, said: “One irresponsible politician would blurt something out, then another – at a very high level, by the way, at the level of, say, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the top officials there are holding forth on this subject.

“And we’re supposed to say nothing? We answer accordingly. As soon as we answer, [everyone] latches onto that: ‘Look, Russia’s issuing threats!’

“We are not threatening! But everyone needs to know that we have it and we will use it if necessary to protect our sovereignty.”

His warning comes after last week when he was reportedly given “urgent medical assistance” as he was struck down by a “sharp sickness”.

The tyrant is said to have fallen ill while talking to his military chiefs and suffered “weakness and dizziness” as he got up from his desk after a 90-minute virtual session.

Meanwhile, Putin’s bloody war in Ukraine which has seen more than 30,000 Russian troops die, continues.

And as the war rages in the east, Russia has probably renewed its efforts to advance south of the city of Izium in the last 48 hours, Britain’s defense ministry said.

The ministry said that its goal is to penetrate deeper into the Donetsk region and envelope the pocket around the embattled city of Sievierodonetsk from the north. Ukraine said on Friday its forces hit a Russian naval tugboat with two Harpoon missiles in the Black Sea, the first time it has claimed to have struck a Russian vessel with Western-supplied anti-ship weapons.

This story first appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission.

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