How the search for the next Dalai Lama is drawing interference from China and what it means for the future of Tibet

More than 87 years after he was born into this life, the question of who will replace the 14th Dalai Lama is more urgent than ever.(Wikimedia Commons: Unknown author, public domain) Death. It is unpredictable yet inevitable. Even if you are a great runner, you cannot escape it. You cannot stop it with wealth, recitation … Read more

Leigh Sales emotional farewell in final 7:30 program

Leigh Sales delivered an emotional farewell to viewers as she signed off her final program at 7:30 host. Leigh Sales delivered her final program as host of ABC’s 7:30 on Thursday night before walking away to spend more time with her family. Sales barely held back tears as she signed off for a final time. … Read more

Australia should stand by Tibet’s side, not shun it

10 March 2022 will mark the 63rd anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day when Tibetans revolted against the illegal occupation of their lands by the People’s Republic of China. Despite the uprising of 1959 resulting in thousands of deaths and mass exile, Tibetans have continued to struggle for their freedom ever since. When Chinese Chairman Mao … Read more