Sexual Health: This Is How Sassy Spices Boost Your Physical Intimacy With Your Partner

A healthy happy relationship brings a sense of satisfaction, joy, and connection to our lives. Sexual wellness, one of the most important aspects of life, besides playing a function of procreation, also contributes to overall verdure in many ways. Sexual health emerges as an important component of overall well-being and every human needs to know … Read more

Medicinal Uses, Therapeutic Benefits For Gut Health And Recipes

Hing or Asafoetida, also known as Hingu in Hindi, Ingu in Kannada, Inguva in Telugu, Perungayam in Tamil is an indispensable culinary ingredient common to every Indian kitchen. Hing, often referred as ‘Food of the God’s’ or ‘Devil’s Dung’ goes by the botanical name Ferula foetida and Ferula assafoetida. It is one of the perennial … Read more